Tactical Shotgun




The tactical shotgun is a superb close-quarters weapon. Incredibly quick and devastating at close range, it is superior to the sub-machine gun in many ways. These capabilities are only available to the trained operator, for everyone else it is just a shotgun

  • Doc Hollyday Tactical Solutions training is designed to teach and develop the fundamental tactical shotgun skills necessary should a lethal confrontation arise. Whether you are a citizen interested in self-defense or an experienced special forces operator, the basic shotgun skills are exactly the same. The core of Doc Hollyday Tactical Solutions training is fast-paced live fire combat courses.
  • Introductory training is no exception. Basic instruction emphasizes the following skills
  • Safe gun handling – Ingraining innate muzzle awareness is crucial for team operation, executive protection and operating in mixed foe/friend environments· Marksmanship for effectiveness.· Tactics in shot placement.
  • Shooting in motion· Tactical/emergency reloads· Malfunction clearance.
  • Multiple shot/target accuracy· After Action – The mindset to “remain in the fight” must be drilled to be effective as the natural reaction after an incident is to focus on “what has happened” rather than “what might happen next.” While listed as “basic skills” (and certainly suitable for those inexperienced with shotgun), many skilled operators are dramatically deficient in these areas. This is clearly evidenced in most post-incident reports. Even S.W.A.T. trained police officers frequently have sub 20% shooting accuracy, surviving and succeeding only because of superior numbers and equipment.

The following forms will need to be printed out and brought with you to the qualification/class:

Please fill out the CA DOJ affidavit and legal contract prior to class.


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