Tactical Rifle

Urban rifle training is the use of the combat rifle in an urban arena. Engagements range from close contact to long range. The entire spectrum on the use of the rifle is taught. From Basic Marksmanship toadvanced CQB techniques, night fighting, house clearing, urban area operations, etc

The undisputed king of personal weapons is the tactical rifle. America was called “The land of riflemen,” however, current training in police and military circles is rudimentary at best. Current training relies more on automatic weapons fire to achieve hits. Under such conditions, modern infantry remains successful only because it is one element of a combined force deployment. The last government statistic was over 58,000 rounds fired for every enemy casualty inflicted. Dochollyday Tactical trains to produce highly effective riflemen. In short range, the rifle is faster to deploy and more lethal than the pistol. At distance, a trained rifleman is almost untouchable.

Basic training includes the following arenas:imagesQR3B650J

  • Single and Multiple target engagements
  • Assaulting through urban environments
  • 360┬░ All-Aspect engagements
  • Rapid engagement (sub 0.5 seconds)
  • Close-Contact and Disparate Range engagements
  • Tactical/Emergency Reloads
  • Malfunction Clearance

As basic skills are learned, the number of opponents in each scenario is increased while the time alotted to engage them is 223954_390082407725506_614183625_ndecreased. Rifle marksman is expected and tactics are emphasized heavily in assault courses that range from open terrain to urban environments.

Rifle-Advanced Skills After basic rifle skills become mastered, operators can begin to focus more on tactics. Doc Hollyday Tactical advanced rifle training focuses on applied scenarios rapid scenario assessment and action.

Some of the areas covered:

  • Close-Contact Counter Ambush
  • Close-Contact Assaults
  • Counter Sniper
  • Covering Fire Advance
  • Weapons Transitions
  • Basic Team Tactics
  • Rifle Low-Light Techniques

The following forms will need to be printed out and brought with you to the qualification/class:

Please fill out the CA DOJ affidavit and legal contract prior to class.


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