Your Dochollyday Co-Owners are Mike B. and Michael B. We both grew up in the Mid-West in farm country, and have over 40 years’ experience in competitive shooting, shooting sports, hunting, and fishing. We both served our country honorably in the USMCR . When we got out of the military and college we decided to live in Southern California with our families. Michael B. just re-enlisted and is a staff sergeant/ Assistant Team Leader at 4th Force USMC Reconnaissance Company.

We  have been involved with firearms since high school and over the years have used firearms for both hunting and in competitive shooting sports. Why did we decide to get into the firearms training business? Simple: We both love the sport of hunting, and have also enjoyed competitive pistol, shotgun, and rifle shooting that we wanted to provide others the opportunity to safely experience the sport of shooting and to build proficiency for shooting sports or hunting.

Mike B. has team taught over 4000 Hunter Education students during that time period.

We are both Certified NRA Instructors, CA DOJ Firearms Safety instructors, CA BSIS Pistol Instructors, Utah CCW Instructors and Certified National Emergency Medical Technicians.

We teach firearm safety in accordance and the standards dictated and listed on the following websites:, and,

Shooting Sports is FUN and we find that there is great satisfaction and a sense of achievement in reaching proficient levels in this sport. We want to share this experience with you! Additionally, we have observed many individuals at the ranges that we use demonstrate unsafe firearm handling skills – behaviors that endanger both those individuals and others around them. We all know and met people that have said, “I taught my family everything I know” or “My family does not need firearms safety training since their Grandpa taught them”. My question is, “Have you or your grandpa had hours of professional shooting instruction?” or “Are they certified to teach firearms safety training?”.

We are both active in our church, and community and enjoy mentoring in such programs as ROTC, Young Marines, Venturing, BSA, 4-H. We believe that if there is a firearm in the house, EVERYBODY, should know how to make it safe and shoot it.

The FBI, in their 2007 crime report estimates that the private ownership of firearms is growing at a rate of 2.5 million firearms a year. Our observations and this statistic show an obvious need to offer expert, effective firearms training at affordable prices to new and current owners of firearms. We enjoy working with people and enjoy providing instructional services.

We both believe people should take our classes before they purchase firearms. You would not purchase a vehicle without test driving it and getting certified instructors how to use it. Our classes are like the test drives. We have over 70 different firearms at our disposal for our students to train with or test shoot. We can also train you how to properly use your firearm as well.

All of our employees and instructors are certified in one or all of the following:

  • CA DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor
  • CA BSIS Pistol Instructor
  • CA BSIS Baton Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor in rifle
  • NRA Certified Instructor shotgun
  • NRA Certified Instructor pistol
  • NRA-NMLRA Basic muzzle loading rifle
  • NRA-NMLRA Basic muzzle loading shotgun
  • NRA-NMLRA Basic muzzle loading pistol
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Certified Instructor Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home,
  • NRA Certified Instructor Firearm Home Safety
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Wisconsin POST Certified
  • California POST certified
  • BSA Merit Badge Counselor in rifle and shotgun
  • Young Marine Program Counselor
  • NRA Certified Instructor Refuse to be a Victim®

Specialized Licenses and certifications
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National and State of California Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Registry #
Level: EMT   Exp. Date: 09/30/2015

American Heart Association Certified; BLS for Healthcare Provider’s CPR /AED Program.

First Responder Certified – American Heart Association Heart saver First Aid

We are insured through the NRA Instructor Insurance Program. For more information go to NRA Instructor Insurance Program.

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