DocHollyDay Tactical Solutions Mission Statement

DOC HOLLYDAY Tactical Solutions is a firearms training group with a curriculum focused on Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and armed Citizen skill sets. Using its expert team of instructors with extensive real-world experience in military activities across the globe and law enforcement activities on the home front, DOC HOLLYDAY Tactical Solutions provides skill-building exercises for shooters, ranging from novice to the advanced. Every period of instruction is focused on developing skill sets required for performance maximization under stress, or in conflict.

Our comprehensive training curriculum encompasses classroom learning, practical exercises and assessments to ensure that the student meets performance measures set by each course or their unit/agency. We offer realistic and demanding courses for shooters at all levels of experience and skill. Our cadre provide a professional and continuous hands on mentorship approach, ensuring a valuable learning experience throughout the process.

We understand that our students hail from different backgrounds with varying degrees of proficiencies. Our National Rifle Association certified training, Self Defense Classes, and Combat Military Shooting Drills are based on real world experience, proven up to date techniques/curriculum and treating people with respect.

Your benefits

Your upcoming period of instruction is a key opportunity for Active Duty, Retired Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Operators, who intend to continue in active training. This training is specifically designed to better round the qualifications of combatants for future assignments. At completion, all participants will be trained by certified NRA pistol, rifle and shotgun instructors, as well as NRA range safety officers. Not only will this increase likelihood of promotion, this training will increase each Active Duty and Retired Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Operators flexibility and versatility when operating with other services and agencies, or when training at their facilities. We describe this as enhanced combat readiness and joint/combined/bi-lateral/multi-agency interoperability.

It is this joint/combined/bi-lateral/multi-agency interoperability that is the critical component of your training. As Active Duty and Retired Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Operators are employed across the full range of military operations in interagency-/multinational-partner environments, it is imperative that necessary training be conducted to increase survivability. Our transformation goal is to support national security requirements with a range of firearms capabilities, which are designed to adapt and succeed in an integrated operations environment.

A professional must not become complacent with their perceived height of proficiency. They must constantly question, constantly push and constantly improve. DOC HOLLYDAY Tactical Solutions addresses technical and tactical proficiency, manipulations, malfunctions, movement, mindset, and how these elements manifest in shooter’s, at every level.

At DOC HOLLYDAY Tactical Solutions we train to get better. We get better when we train outside our comfort zone. This develops the confidence that is necessary for both the professional and dedicated enthusiast.


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