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Doc HollyDay and its instructors are engaged in instructional training for safe firearm handling and shooting techniques. We have no affiliation with, nor do we promote or encourage, any subversive or quasi-subversive entities or acts against the United States of America or against the American People, inside or outside of U.S. borders. Any and all instruction and training conducted by Doc HollyDay and its instructors are done in accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws.

Doc HollyDay and its instructors do not and will not train any foreign or domestic entity(ies) that could pose a threat to — or has denounced — the United States of America. Please refer to the ITAR website for more information. IMPORTANT – WE NO LONGER PROVIDE TRAINING FOR ALL NON-US CITIZENS (Click here for Definition) Certain courses taught at Doc Hollyday Tactical Solutions and any publications associated with this training may contain ITAR controlled technical data as defined by 22 CFR 120.10 and may not be forwarded or disclosed to any Foreign Person, as defined at 22 CFR 120.16, without the authorization of the United States Department of State.

Doc HollyDay and its instructors will not instruct those individuals that are prohibited due to court order, terms of probation, terms of parole, restraining order, immigration status, or violations of certain sections of Federal or State Law from possessing firearms, ammunition, and/or dangerous weapons.


S 12552: Furnishing Firearms to Minors under 18 without permission of parent. — Every person who furnishes any firearm, air gun, or gas-operated gun, designed to fire a bullet, pellet, or metal projectile, to any minor under the age of 18 years, without the express or implied permission of the parent or legal guardian of the minor, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

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